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Tips for selecting the best wedding photographer


Since its invention in 1521 and its achievement in 1816 with the work of the French scientist Niepé, photography itself has been a very controversial art. Every year, technology provides new ways to capture the best images of the special moments of your life. It seems like the remembrance is real and the moment captured by the camera is happening in front of your eyes.

Therefore, having the best photographer in Puerto Rico to capture all the best moments of the special day of your wedding is very important. This person should have good reputation, a long trajectory, a dynamic style and the sensibility to capture the best of every instant on that memorable day.

There are many details about the wedding album that you must consider in order to obtain the most beautiful album ever. You must choose not only the most beautiful scenery but also the most significant in your past toward the altar.

Finally, Puerto Rico, the island of Enchantment offers many wonderful places, stunning beaches, special climate, beautiful scenery and a very warm sunset. This is why we want to show our friends of some ideas on those details that every couple needs to consider on that special list of possible choices and small details that are undoubtedly who catch the attention of our guests and finally make this celebration the one which was dreamed and desired by all. And remember, good luck and good marriage!

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Get married in Puerto Rico Island https://www.destinationweddingpuertorico.com/blog/2013/6/get-married-in-puerto-rico-island married puerto rico, puerto rico weddings, get married in puerto rico

Destination wedding in Puerto Rico island

It is not a coincidence that Puerto Rico is recognized as one of the happiest countries in the world and also one of the best places to consider for the celebration of your destination wedding. Its tropical climate is very attractive factor to consider.


Puerto Rico, as a Caribbean archipelago enjoys a warm summer season without extremes. Also we have beautiful beaches and splendid views, creating a pleasant atmosphere according to the summer season. You can enjoy a variety of locations indoors and outdoors, and adjusting to every budget.


This island is one of the places to carry out your wedding and also for your honey moon in Puerto Rico. So you can start making a list of possible places that may be attractive for your ceremony and obviously your honeymoon. You can access to the communications media like the internet so you can get more information about the Puerto Rican culture, our climate, beautiful places, beaches, rivers, churches, traditions and all you want to know about the Caribbean island of enchanted.


     Finally, encourage you to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages that exist in the places that you consider, but whatever the final decision about the place to make your wedding, the most important is that finally it be the place longed and desired by the couple as this will be an event unique and special in your personal love story. And remember, good luck and good marriage!

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The best wedding cakes in Puerto Rico https://www.destinationweddingpuertorico.com/blog/2013/5/the-best-wedding-cakes-in-puerto-rico Cakes Wedding Puerto Rico

The best cakes wedding in Puerto Rico


Every year brings a new beginning and with it arrivals new modes. Nevertheless in the last times it has been more notable the element of the rhetoric, the return of the past has turned undoubtedly into the new modality that becomes more present and with it attracts the classic tendencies.


 Look that when we speak about destination weddings we know that these are celebrations full of details and that some mistakes in some of these could be vital for the success or failure of this emotive celebration. In this occasion we want to present the topic of the fabulous and delicious wedding cake.


 The puerto rico weddings cake is a detail that distinguishes that special celebration. We know that the bride’s wish is to have a delicious and unique one.

 If you choose Puerto Rico, the Island of the Enchanted as the place to celebrate this festivity, you must know that the people who will make the confection of your cake will have our  climate in consideration in order to bring you the best service and quality.


 By the other side, the modalities of this year 2013 are the tendencies to bring back modes of the past that bring a classic and delicate impression. In addition we have seen that the clear and soft colors accompanied with some details of brilliant colors bring an excellent option for the decoration. In addition to the colors, the superimposed initials of the couple are in use overthrowing the symbolic figure of the couple and the flowers making the detail of the initials a simple and delicate one.


 Thinking about the flavor of the cake, the delicious Chocolate and the Red Velvets have taken the control of the orders, having in third position the traditional vanilla flavor.  The ingredient that has to cover the external decoration is clearly the laminated pasta. These details of the cake will catch the attention of all the presents.


 Finally you must know that in Puerto Rico you can find many places dedicated to the confection of the most finest and delicious wedding cakes. Once again has offered you information about another important detail of your wedding, the wedding cake. Don’t forget to preserve a little bit of this cake for the special moment of the first anniversary. Good luck and good marriage!

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Puerto Rico Weddings: In front of the altar https://www.destinationweddingpuertorico.com/blog/2013/4/puerto-rico-weddings-in-front-of-the-altar

Discovers the perfect church for the wedding ceremony

The topic of the destination wedding in Puerto Rico is always full of many emotions and one with a great number of details that compose finally a great event. We seek always to offer the best vision on the correct, modern and indicated aspect that must have this great celebration. We want to achieve all the goals and expectations fixed for this great day and undoubtedly to take the best recollections for us to mark a great stage in the history of the pair who will be close to give the great step towards the altar.


It is for this reason that when coming finally before God towards the altar and being in presence of our relatives and friendship it treats itself, certainly also is important that the place that we choose finally to close with golden clasp this great agreement of love between the pair, should be the most comfortable place and undoubtedly the best.


    Though, it is this detail that could turn to simple sight as the less complicated one, because traditionally we visualize it automatically in a church, it is important not to limit the place since the modernization locates us in time, place and I spread, that is to say, if for example we plan that our wedding is in exteriors it is evident that the structure of a church will not be present, but the place can be perfect to create that special atmosphere just like the traditional one, always having in mind  the tastes , need and goals of the pair.


     By other side, even this way the pair wants to follow the traditional steps of effecting his ceremony of weddings in a church, know that Puerto Rico, it is a country where you perfectly will be able to find different churches that represent the dream of every pair because they represent big customs and traditions of the history and Puerto Rican culture. So much catholic churches, up to churches of Protestant nature, are a part of the options most requested in the island both for his citizens and for the tourists to celebrate the great ceremony that will be formed as part of the story that finally they will be formed and presented in the photographies that will be taken this great day. 


Between the churches most visited and used in the country for this type of celebration one finds the famous Cathedral of San Juan located exactly in The Old San Juan, the capital of the island of the Captivation, Puerto Rico. This account with more than 500 years of history from the discovery of the island in 1493 after the Spanish settling. It is one of the favorite places not only for his history, if not that in turn presents the Catholic Roman structure and it is a place that captivate with its beauty.


     On the other hand, you will find different cathedrals in the island that surely can capture your attention as “The Parish San José de Caparra”, located in Guaynabo which has been one of the favorite for recognized artists of the island and possesses an excellent location between others.


    If the practicing religion of the pair would be Evangelical - Protestant, know that of equal way the island has many options which can selected by means of a search of this one since at present the great majority of them possess their own portals of internet to facilitate you the search of the same, nevertheless we offer you one excellent option in order to give you an idea to start the search.


     If you wish a style of church which its structural aspect is more historical you can select “La Senda Antigua”, located in the town of Toa Alta, Puerto Rico. This church is considered as one of the most recognized in the island. This is an excellent place if you wish to celebrate your Puerto Rico wedding in a place of major proportion. If you want the opposite, there are many churches that can fill your expectations since Puerto Rico is a country that preserves its traditions as well as respects the variety of religions.


    Like always, in , want to offer you the best "tips" to help you make the best decision and to accompany you on  this wonderful  adventure.

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Last trends for weddings in Puerto Rico https://www.destinationweddingpuertorico.com/blog/2013/4/last-trends-for-weddings-in-puerto-rico tips for destination wedding puerto rico get maried

Discover the last trends for make your wedding in Puerto Rico


Since we notice, in the Caribbean we are in full spring where the summer beginning is attached. Naturally when we are in this season, the trends of the mode begin to change drastically since of the fresh and cold climate we happen to feel the indications of the heat that it brings with it the summer.


It is for this reason that in this occasion we want to show our readers and followers of our official page Destination Weddings Puerto Rico, the last trends about the new mode and the best places that will be of major benefit and usefulness in order that you could select that the Island of the Enchanted as his first option to realize his wedding.


Evidently when you are in the moment to contract nuptials, you want to select also the best location where the ceremony will be carried out and of equal way the reception after this one, not only for your benefit but of equal form in order that your guests could enjoy the event so much as you. For this you know that the place that you will choose inside the Island of Puerto Rico must be the most pleasant for the season and the occasion since he remembers it will be in a Caribbean island where the climate though it is unpredictable offers more for its freshness, beach and the Sun.


Puerto Rico has one varied offer destined to achieve that your destination wedding will be realized places of historical, opposite to extensive seas and better tropical views that you could find.


On the other hand, as for the wardrobe it concerns, the new trends though they tend to point at the colors pastry for being clearer and partners to the spring besides fresh air to shine and to dress and ideal for the celebration of a wedding in Puerto Rico, with the time this has evolved drastically. At present the phosphorescent colors have taken total domain versus the traditional. Colors as green phosphorescent, magenta and derivatives of the same one, colors turquoises and oranges have been positioned as the favorites for the pairs and up to the coordinators of weddings and photographers for feigning freshness, youth undoubtedly to contribute for the photography beauty and creativity.


As part of our commission in , we want to contribute our advices and knowledge as for what it concerns to do of your his wedding a celebration worth remembering for the rest of your lives.

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Tips for your destination wedding in Puerto Rico

In the process, searching the professional photographer in Puerto Rico who will work on this important project  “a love story album” , is necessary to keep in mind that every professional, even though one who works with destination weddings , has it’s own style.

After having realized that search, it is feasible to do a brief interview to them and finally after this evaluation, being able to do the best decision on which finally it will be the selection of the best professional to work with our wedding album.

So after having contracted his services it is necessary that this one inspires with the necessary style to give in the photographys and that this one knows the needs of every area that will be covered in each of the images that will catch the lens and also it knows the tastes and needs of the pair.

Finally it is important that this professional most have simultaneous plans and the best preparation since Puerto Rico possesses excellent ready scenes for the capture of images of excellence both in interiors and exteriors but is important to keep in mind that for being a Caribbean island possesses a varied climate, therefore it is necessary to take precautions and to evaluate all the options to carry out photos of excellence.

So, for more tips and information about the perfect professional photographer, different places for get married in Puerto Rico, offers and all about your perfect wedding day, remember always consult with , the perfect guide to expand your knowledge.

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Why is very important find the correct wedding photographers? https://www.destinationweddingpuertorico.com/blog/2013/2/why-is-very-important-find-the-correct-wedding-photographers Destination Wedding Pictures of Puerto Rico

Discover the real importance about to choose the indicated wedding photographer of Puerto Rico

Naturally, when we are in the process searching the professional photographer in Puerto Rico who assembles all these characteristics to be the one who works the great event of a wedding, we look that this expert possesses excellent recommendations, path, accessible prices and one with a number of experiences that in effect should make it extremely skillful, experienced and capable to face all kinds of requirements and needs on behalf of his clients. These details undoubtedly it makes it the suitable one.
Nevertheless, this wedding photographer besides possessing the already mentioned characteristics must be someone who inspires full confidence since this one will be undoubtedly the element that evidently will do that it is his labor one of extreme importance to help ourselves achieve our goal to find the best professional photographer for this great event and obviously the one selected.

The professional select should be the one who brings ideas and feel passion and love for his work without forgetting to be authentic and innovate. Undoubtedly, this will put his personal touch on this wedding album.

Finally, it is important to evaluate the different specializations of every wedding photographer in conformity with our needs. The artist chosen most find the best areas for the shooting making your dreams come to reality through a professional work.

Remember always to analyze all these recommendations brought to you by to make your wedding the most memorable moment in you life.

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Making your love story photography in Puerto Rico https://www.destinationweddingpuertorico.com/blog/2013/1/making-your-love-story-photography-in-puerto-rico love story pictures album in Puerto Rico - destination wedding photographer

Make your love story album in Puerto Rico with the destination wedding photographer, José Sepúlveda

Traditionally as part of the preparations for the celebration of a destination wedding, the new modality shows us what today is known like so famously "Love Story Album". The principal motive of creating one before the wedding is to do that inside this one there appears visibly some romantic and memorable moments in a certain place between the pair who eventually will give such an awaited step to contract nuptials. It is necessary express that in order that this album achieves his effect you be to be sure in its entirety that you have selected the best professional emphasized in the photography since he will be the manager of transmitting everything by means of this art.

It is important to mention that in this occasion "Destinations Weddings Puerto Rico" takes pleasure in showing you some possible options of ideal places for the assembly of this memorable follow-up and also discover a variety of options.
 It performs supreme importance that the selected place is of total pleasure of the pair and that of some form or other one it is in effect this place capable of making him feel and reminding pleasing moments inside the relation and if it is possible besides the fact that it has to see this one with the tastes and preference of both.

Between the possible options that you should consider he is available as part of the ideal scenes to recreate a story of love is located to the Northwest of the island "El Jardín Botánico" located in Caguas's city, Puerto Rico. For the lovers of the nature this one offers the option to create outdoors excellent photographic, showy and visibly attractive scenes and in five different localities inside the place known like: "La Terraza del Jardín Acuático”, “Tarima de Arcos”, “La Plaza Artesanal ",“ El Centro de Visitantes" and finally " Isla la Identidad". The latter nevertheless is most requested by his extreme beauty and landscape.

By the other side, and approaching the metropolitan zone of Puerto Rico, located in the capital specifically in the Old San Juan, you can find excellent areas and exotic and historical scenes. It is a much more intimate place with structures that were managing to mend them to the past.

Continuing with the municipality of San Juan, other one of the places which can ensue from his interest for the creation of ideal photos for this type of art it is "El Morro ". Nowadays it is the place most visited in the island and is not for less since beside preserving the beauty and it tells the history of these ruins, relies on also highly romantic areas like it there is famous " Garita del diablo " who according to his history was called hereby the existing legend on a Spanish general and one is crossbred which for defending his love they fled one night without leaving any track and by it there is created the myth that does allusion to which the sea took them to him without returning his souls.

Of another part continuing with the mention of interesting places that offer us another option and idea to place in agenda, it follows "La Guancha” in Ponce Puerto Rico. This attractive place counts with more of a sight to the sea from different angles, vegetation and his principal attraction no doubt it is the beacon inside this one in which hundreds of pairs have used for from the heights to demonstrate the beauty of this landscape and the quality that his photos can show.

Finally and in fifth place not to leave the romanticism which us transports the sea, let's sense beforehand beautiful "Playa Flamenco". Located in the Archipelago of Culebra, it is no doubt the beach most visited of the island for the lovers of the marine life. Though to come to this one is necessary maritime transport, the experience of enjoying the relaxing environment and innumerable available places to expose the beauty of his waters, white sand and life marinades, is undoubtedly what turns her into an impressive place before the focal lens and without doubts it gives us the certainty of which the landscape that offers will give as result a few photographies worth remembering for his quality.

Since of custom and in the style of Destinations Weddings Puerto Rico, we have given each other to the task of choosing these five destinations inside the Island of the Enchanted, Puerto Rico, in order that they could make as pair an excellent selection of possible places, as well as also obtain ideas for this moment in the one that corresponds to create by means of this photographic work called "Love Story", since we know this one it will count largely and will mark the path of the past, present and the future of his love in his maximum expression.


Click for more information about the photographer of weddings in Puerto Rico, .

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How choose a wedding photographer in Puerto Rico https://www.destinationweddingpuertorico.com/blog/2013/1/how-choose-a-wedding-photographer-in-puerto-rico wedding photographers in puerto rico

How to take the best decision about photographers in Puerto Rico?

In our last publication, Destination Wedding we had a mission to help you, taking the best decision in the planning your wedding day. In addition we analyze the importance of having the best photo album by a professional crew photographers because this detail can make the difference and make that special day
one of a kind.
On this occasion we want to talk about the characteristics that you should find in the staff that will make your dream in a real masterpiece.
If you want to choose the best photographic service in Puerto Rico, don’t focus in the most economics service or in the years of experience of the photographer. It’s necessary that you must investigate the trajectory of this photographic artist and you must look about the vision that he wants the creativity and passion that he projects through his work. Also you most know about their last clients. With those factors in mind, you should the best wedding photographer which will satisfy you in terms of your budget income and your necessities. But remember, that in many times, the cheapen services is the worst you must also try to find that person who posses experience, sensibility, patience and responsibility. These are the characteristics of the best professional photographer need to have to be considering the best choose.
In conclusion, you should consider all that in order to make the best decision for the most beautiful, magical and important day of your life. The  wedding photographer is your best option.
Finally, don’t forget to follow our more advice about Destinations Weddings Puerto Rico web.
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One lens and thousand stories: Wedding Photographer of Puerto Rico https://www.destinationweddingpuertorico.com/blog/2012/12/one-lens-and-thousand-stories-wedding-photographer-of-puerto-rico Destination Wedding Puerto Rico Pictures Photos Wedding Photographer

The best destination wedding photographer in Puerto Rico


A wedding is a great event that transforms our lives and we always want to preserve the memories on that special day. This is the reason to have the best wedding photos is which you can see reflected all the beautiful remembrances of that magical moment.


   It is very important to find the best professional photographer in Puerto Rico if you want the best memories of your wedding. This person must have the ability to transport you to that transcendental moment in your life every time you see your wedding album.


    J is a photographer who counts with more than twenty five years in the professional industry. He creates a beautiful story of love through his photographic capture taking the most significant detail in every instant of this memorable day.


   Along his career, Sepulveda has differenced for having and impeccable path and working as a photographic designer of a great vision and diversity. Today, many families who trust their photos in Sepulveda’s hands can enjoy them as one of their greatest treasure because of the quality of his work.


   This is why, Destinations Weddings Puerto Rico wants to offer their services and help you to make the best decision on that memorable and important day, because the best wedding album speaks more than a thousand words.


    And remember, for these one and more advices for that special day in your life, don’t forget to trust in the experts hands of Destinations Weddings in Puerto Rico.

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Wedding places in Puerto Rico to get married https://www.destinationweddingpuertorico.com/blog/2012/12/puerto-rico-wedding-places-for-married puerto rico wedding places | destination wedding place

Puerto Rico Caribbean beaches; a better place for your wedding


Talking about weddings come to our minds how can we make an unforgettable moment of this special day in our lives. How can we find the perfect place for this unusual event? So, we want to provide you, three of the best destination wedding Puerto Rico with the best resources of our wonderful beaches.


   The first place is located in the mayor city of Puerto Rico, San Juan, Casa de España”. Is comfortable with amazing spaces inside and outside. The view in front of the sea is very romantic and specially and has many activities rooms where you can enjoy dinning or dancing with total privacy.


  By other side, we can find Rincon Beach Resort at the west of Puerto Rico. This place offers beautiful scenery. It has a variety of buffets in with you can select the best for your guests.


   Otherwise, if you want to make something really different, you can enjoy ourCopamarina Resort” in Guánica. This place is considered to have some of the best beaches in Puerto Rico and views. All this invite us to plan our perfect wedding day at this destination wedding in Puerto Rico. This is an exclusively place with the best prices where you can have the opportunity to have your wedding ceremony and reception near the perfect view of the beach.


 We invite you to continue as a part of and discover all about the amazing world of weddings.

Select your wedding photographer of Puerto Rico.

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